Spiders can range in size from extremely small to very large. Some of them blend in so well with their surroundings that you won’t even know they are around. They all have four sets of legs so eight in all. They also have four sets of eyes that they use to help them because they don’t have a good sense of balance.

Spiders generally move very slowly but they don’t have to worry too much about various predators. Most of them have a very powerful venom that they deliver and will paralyze predators. There are types of Spiders with venom strong enough to make humans very ill or even cause death.
As a result many humans are afraid of Spiders. They tend to do all they can to get them out of their homes and habitats. With humans continually invading the territory of the Spider they are having a hard time finding places where they won’t run into humans.

However, Spiders are very good at adapting to changing environments. They don’t need much food to survive on. These predators often find many bugs and insects. They get tangled into the webs and then they are stuck for the spider to come along and feed on.
The abdominal area of a Spider is where the silk to create the webs is made. It is amazing to watch them work so diligently to create their elaborate webs. The mating process for males and females is also interesting. The females are much larger than the males.
Jumping Spider
Black Widow
Brown Recluse
Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider with babies on her back
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